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Special In-Store Services

There are many perks to coming into our store on Monroe Street to do your brewing and winemaking shopping, including:

  • Free expert advice - You are always welcome and encouraged to stop in for advice on homebrewing, winemaking, etc. Talking about beer and wine is one of our favorite things to do!
  • Beverage evaluation - Bring in your beer, wine, cider, mead, kombucha, etc., and we'll taste it with you, telling you what we like about it, what could be improved, and how to make those improvements. This is a huge perk for us as well :)
  • Rentals - We rent out a number of different items at extremely reasonable rates, including:
  • Free samples - We always have four different homemade treats on tap for you to enjoy as you shop. Whether it be homebrew, wine, mead, cider, or soda, hopefully it will inspire you to brew something new, or at least ask us some questions!
  • Experience the ingredients - There is nothing like being able to see, smell, and taste the ingredients that you will brew with. You can sample or just smell any and all of the over 100 different grains we have a the Shop.
  • Homebrew club and other discounts - The Wine and Hop Shop offers discounts to homebrewing and winemaking clubs, bike benefits, veterans, Monroe Street workers, local breweries, and other groups. 
  • Meet other brewers and vintners - One of our favorite parts of these hobbies of ours is exchanging knowledge, experience, and wine, beer, cider, mead, and kombucha with other brewers and vintners. Whether it is during a shopping trip, at one of our Belgian Brew-Offs, at a Stout Contest, at a Hoptoberfest, Clone Wars, or a Homebrew Club Brew-Off, there are so many different ways to plug into the homebrewing and winemaking communities through the Wine and Hop Shop.