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We carry over 60 varieties of grain from different countries, including the following:

  • American (Briess)
  • Belgian (Dingeman's)
  • British (Thomas Faucett, Munton's)
  • Canadian (Gambrinus)
  • German (Best Malz, Avangard)
  • Dutch (Swaen)

We sell our grain in 1 oz. increments, so you can get exactly the amount you want. Or, if you like to buy in bulk, we sell bulk grain bags as well.

If you would like your grain milled, place a check in the "If ordering grain, place a check mark here if you'd like your grain milled" check box on the shopping cart page.

And as always, please contact us with any questions.

And if you are looking for a good homebrew calculator/recipe formulator, check out Brewer's Friend.