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About Us

Thanks for checking out the Wine and Hop Shop, Madison's homebrewing and winemaking headquarters for over 40 years. We are located at 1919 Monroe St., Madison, WI, just about six blocks away from Camp Randall Stadium. We are a locally-owned and operated store that loves being in and being an active member of the Madison community.

We are open six days a week:

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 11-6
  • Saturdays 10-5
  • Sundays 11-4

We are closed Wednesdays.

We try our best to provide our customers with three things: 

  • Quality equipment
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Expert advice

Everyone who works at the Shop makes his or her own wine, beer, cider, mead, etc., and loves to talk about it. Our favorite part about working at the Shop really is helping people follow their passion for making ever-improving wine, beer, cider, mead, and anything else ferment-able. Click here to meet our wonderful staff.

We really try to make the brewing or wine making experience as interactive as possible. We put on classes, rent out equipment, host contests, and are always available here at the Shop if you want to bring in some beer or wine for us to try. We'll give you an honest assessment of how it tastes and how it could be improved.

We think that if you compare our prices and service to other stores, we can convince you to come visit us again.

We also ship everything we carry. Click here to review our shipping information.

So if you ever need anything, we are open seven days a week and you can always call us, stop in the Shop, or shoot us an e-mail. We don't promise anything, but we do try and check the e-mail a couple times a night, so even it it's after hours, we'll try and return an e-mail to you.

Dave Mitchell opened the Wine and Hop Shop in 1972 on E. Mifflin St. in downtown Madison, WI. After a few years, he moved the Shop to State St., where it lived until 1998, when it moved to 1931 Monroe St. in Madison. In the summer of 2012, long-time employee Ben Feifarek took over the Shop from Dave. Then, in late in 2015, the Wine and Hop Shop moved to its present location, 1919 Monroe Street.

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