What's on Tap at the Shop?

The Wine and Hop Shop always has 4 free home-brewed samples on tap for your enjoyment when you come into the Shop. Whether it be beer, wine, soda, cider, or some other fermented beverage, we hope it inspires you to brew something interesting. Just another one of the perks of shopping here at the Wine and Hop Shop!

Here's what's on tap currently at the Shop:

  • Sarsaparilla Soda - Sarsaparilla is an under-appreciated soda, IOHO. Root beer with a kick, yum!
  • All-Grain Belgina Blonde Ale - With a nice spicy nose, this complex Belgian blonde ale will change your mind about what type of beer to brew next. Unless you were going to brew a Belgian blonde ale...
  • Apple Wine - This one has been aging in the cellar for a long time, so it's nice and smooth...
  • TBA - Can't wait to find out!