What's on Tap at the Shop?

The Wine and Hop Shop always has 4 free home-brewed samples on tap for your enjoyment when you come into the Shop. Whether it be beer, wine, soda, cider, or some other fermented beverage, we hope it inspires you to brew something interesting. Just another one of the perks of shopping here at the Wine and Hop Shop!

Here's what's on tap currently at the Shop:

  • Root Beer - No explanation needed here. A delicious, refreshing root beer made from extract we sell. You know, for the kids!
  • Wine and Hop Shop Barrel Project Cider - Pouring a cloudy, pale gold, this cider began to spontaneously ferment from the natural yeast present on the fruit before being introduced to additional souring organisms in our 10 gallon oak barrel where it was left to sit for 9 months. The resulting cider is deliciously light in body mildly sweet backed by a mildly pleasant acidity with aromas of apples, straw, and earth.
  • WBC Badger Club Amber Lager Clone - Straight from Wisconsin Brewing Company, a solid malty, caramelly lager.
  • Palm Sugar Lite Lager - Palm sugar is composed of the dried sap of the Sugar Palm (Arenga pinnata) with a sweet woody flavor that compliments the pure malt flavors of Avangard german Pilsner and Vienna malts.