Planting Hops June 24 2013, 0 Comments

Hopefully you all are getting close to being done getting your hop rhizomes planted for the year. You'll definitely want to get your hop rhizomes or hop plants in the ground by mid-to-end of June, for sure. You may not see many hops the first year, but you'll definitely be glad you planted them in years two and onward.

Remember hops want lots of sun and want to climb, sometimes up to 20 feet! One trick to maximize your hop yield (as long as your hop bines are 3+ years old) is to trim all your bines down to the ground near the end of May and then keep the best two or so that come up from each node. This will give you a higher yield of hops.

Remember that you can always call us with any questions regarding hop bine planting, tending, or harvesting. And we still do have some hop rhizomes and plants left. The rhizomes have been marked down to $3.99 and the hop plants are $9.99.

Happy hopping!