When to Harvest Grapes September 09 2014, 0 Comments

If you have backyard grapes and are wondering if they indeed are ready to be harvested, there are a couple ways to tell.

  1. Crush up enough grapes to fill a test jar with juice. Then use your hydrometer to read the brix* (sugar) in your sample.
  2. Use a refractometer, an instrument that refracts light in order to read brix*. The advantage being that you only need a grape or two to fill the refractometer slide with enough of a juice sample.

*Typically, a normal brix range for white wine varietals is 17-20; for reds 20-25.

Mitchell Vineyard Update July 28 2014, 0 Comments

We'll have more hard and fast guesses/details coming soon, but for now, here's a quick run-down as to what you can expect from the Mitchell Vineyard this harvest season.

All of the grapes that are coming in are of high quality. Harvest dates are soon to follow.

Large Crop:

  • Concord
  • Frontenac
  • La Crescent
  • Prairie Star
  • Marquette
  • St. Croix
  • St. Pepin
  • Somerset Seedless
  • Foch
  • Millot

Moderate Crop:

  • Aromella (Muscat)

Small Crop:

  • Delaware

No Crop:

  • Noiret
  • Venus
  • Vanessa