Carbonating Lagers July 18 2014, 0 Comments

Brewing Tip: Want a crisp Octoberfest for the fall? It's not too early to get to brewing it. Crisp lagers benefit from long cold-conditioning, which means brewing it sooner rather than later to get that authentic German lager character. 

If you bulk-lager in the fermentor before bottling, you'll want to add some yeast back at bottling time. Try the CBC-1 dry yeast. It's in-part designed for bottle conditioning, so it'll carbonate the beer and drop out fast and fully, allowing your friends to marvel at your crystal-clear Octoberfest!

Also, try brewing up our Gemutlichkeit Octoberfest kit or our brand new Prost! OctoberFAST kit (a faster fermenting, yet clean, malty ale).