Crystal Clear Wine July 11 2014, 0 Comments

Time for this week's wine tip! Pictured are two wines at different stages in their development. The Chilean Moscato on the right is very near the end of fermentation after two weeks in primary. On the left is a Sauvignon Blanc waiting to be bottled. Notice the drastic difference in clarity. The Sauv. Blanc was made from concentrate and followed the kit instructions verbatim, with bentonite added pre-fermentation and isinglass added four weeks in. Alternatively, the Moscato will be aged for six to nine months and arrive at the same clarity by adding pectic enzyme initially, cold-stabilizing, and undergoing two to three rackings during elevage in bulk. Then bottled accordingly. 

Clarity can be achieved in different ways depending on your schedule, space, style and maybe your patience level.

Is it mother nature vs. an interventionist hand of god? No. It's just your own creativity at work. 

All clear.