Wunderkind Wheat Ale All-Grain Kit


The definition of wunderkind is “a person who achieves great success when fairly young.” This being one of our starter ingredient kits, it could not be named any more perfectly. Our wheat ale is as easy to brew as it is to enjoy. A pleasant flavor of wheat balances perfectly with just the right amount of floral hoppiness. The tartness imparted by the lemon peel and Belgian-style yeast rounds this beer out into the refreshing treat that it is.

Calculated Appx.    O.G.: 1.042          F.G.: 1.011      ABV: 4.1%      IBU: 12       SRM: 4

Wunderkind Wheat Ale All-Grain Home Brewing Ingredient Kit Recipe

The Wunderkind Wheat Ale kit comes with yeast, please use the selection list to pick which you'd like to use. While using liquid yeast is usually recommended (in this case, we like the Wyeast 3942), if you are looking for something a little more inexpensive (or if it is a gift), the S-33 dry yeast works quite well for this kit. The dry yeast weathers the shipping a little better than the liquid as well.