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Wort Chiller 25' Stainless Steel


This wort chiller is an affordable wort chiller made from 25' of 3/8'' stainless steel tubing. 8' of vinyl tubing is attached to both the in and the out with a female garden hose fitting on the "water in" side. Use can use our faucet adapter to attach to your sink. Uprights are held together by a single hose clamp rather than welding/soldering.

Note that the inner bend on the coils may have some kinking just due to stainless being less pliable than copper.

Approx. 10" diameter, 8" to the top coil, 15" to the bend to go over the lip of the kettle.

One very nice thing about immersion chillers is that they self-sanitize. Just put this in the kettle with about 10-15 minutes left in the boil to sanitize the wort chiller.