White Lightning IPA - All Grain Kit


White Lightning IPA is a beautiful blend between a traditional Wit Beer and an American IPA, using orange peel, coriander and a blend of two of the most sought after hops in brewing (Amarillo and Nelson Sauvin).  Give this all-grain beer a try and we promise you won't have tasted anything like it. These hops wont be around forever, so get this kit while it lasts!

This kit comes with liquid yeast, use the selection list to pick which one you'd like. We recommend Wyeast 1010.

Happy homebrewing!

White Lightning IPA All-Grain Homebrewing Recipe Sheet

Here are the pertinent stats for this delicious white IPA:

O.G. 1.050 F.G. 1.012 ABV 5% IBU 53 SRM 3
We send out orders containing liquid yeasts early in the week and include a cold pack during warm months to ensure freshness.