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WLP940 White Labs Mexican Lager


PurePitch® Next Generation combines the ease of the vial and the innovation of PurePitch®, offering a pouch with a cap AND double the pitch, allowing you to pitch like the pros. 

From Mexico City, WLP940 Mexican Lager produces clean lager beer, with a crisp finish. Good for Mexican style light lagers, as well as dark lagers. This is one of the best lager strains in the White Labs yeast bank; try it with any lager.

This is one of our favorite lager strains!

Attenuation: 70-78%
Flocculation: Medium
Optimum Ferment Temp: 50-55°F (10-13°C)
Alcohol Tolerance: Medium

We ship liquid yeast on Mondays and include a cold pack during warm months to ensure freshness.

Note: This is a special order item, please allow for an extra week for delivery.

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