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FermWrap Heater


The FermWrap(TM) heater is used to gently heat fermentations. Use tape to adhere this flexible heating wrap directly to your fermenter. Depending on your configuration and insulation, you can increase the temperature of your ferment from 5-20 degrees Fahrenheit.

If using carboy or bucket you can attach directly using tape. We recommend electrical tape as it goes on and off the easiest. Heating can be controlled by sticking either the entire wrap or a portion of the wrap to the fermenter. In an unenclosed environment we see a heating differential between carboy and ambient of 10-15 degrees. This differential can be increased by using our carboy bag to insulate a carboy. To decrease the temperature differential, stick only a portion of the heating wrap to the fermenter.

You can hook this up to a thermostat if you want to be even more precise. Or for the best control, use the dual stage control and carboy thermal well, as well as a refrigerator, to control both the high and low temps. You can tape the heater to the wall of the refrigerator as well. With 40 watts of heat spread over two square feet it provides gentle even heating. 

Draws 40 watts. 115V.