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Strawberry Watermelon White Shiraz Wine Kit (Winexpert Island Mist)


Strawberry Watermelon White Shiraz has candied strawberry and watermelon aromas; light body, and the medium sweet flavor of refreshing strawberry and watermelon.

Island Mist Premium Fruit Flavored Wine Kits are a combination of natural fruit flavoring and concentrate which produce a light alcohol (6.5%) drink that is lighter and more fruity than table wines. 

BODY: Light,      OAK: None,      SWEETNESS: Sweet

These kits come with everything you'll need to make a great wine, including the yeast, preservatives, clarifiers, and if called for, oak.

This Strawberry Watermelon White Shiraz Island Mist wine kit makes 6 gallons (~30 750ml bottles) of delicious fruity wine.