Stout Contest 2020 Tickets


Stout Contest 2020 has been set! The contest will be held on Saturday, March 14th, at the Italian Workmen's Club, from 7-10pm. We start accepting ticket and entry reservations for Stout Contest 2019 Saturday, February 1st!

The Best in Show winner gets to brew at One Barrel Brewing Co and People's Choice gets to brew at Working Draft Beer Co! But that's not all.

Regardless of whether you enter a beer or not, you still get to enjoy all 30 entries, 4 beers on tap, food, and live music (hopefully!).

An entry is $15 and the equivalent of 8 12 oz beers (includes entry) and tickets to attend are $20. Proceeds will benefit the Dane County Humane Shelter.

One entry per brewer. And entry consists of 2 clean, unlabeled, unmarked 12 oz amber bottles AND one of the following:

  • 6 clean, unlabeled, unmarked 12 oz amber bottles
  • 3 clean, unlabeled, unmarked 22 oz amber bottles
  • 1 clean, unmarked growler and 1 clean, unlabeled, unmarked 12 oz amber bottle

The five categories are Dry, Sweet, Oatmeal, Imperial, and Other.

You can find an entry form, which needs to be turned it when you drop off your beer, here.

We will need carbonated, ready-to-be-judged beer by Friday, March 6th.

Because the money is going to charity, there is a $1 charge for purchasing online or with a card.