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Sticke Bract Doppel Alt Extract Homebrewing Kit

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Our Sticke Bract Doppel Alt extract recipe produces a strong pre-lager style of German ale. It is a complex and malty beer, with a dense, rocky head during fermentation. The German answer to English strong ales. Rich and refreshing!

Our new Doppel Alt extract kit features a time-saving 30-minute boil!

Approximate calculations:     OG: 1.070     FG: 1.018     ABV: 7.0%     IBU: 75     SRM: 18

This kit utilizes Wyeast 2575-PC Kolsch II, a Private Collection yeast from Wyeast.

Sticke Bract Doppel Alt Extract Recipe Sheet

We send out our liquid yeast at the beginning of the week and include a cold pack during warm months to ensure freshness.