Omega Yeast OYL-015 Scottish Ale Liquid Yeast


Thought to originate from the famous Scottish brewer, the Scottish Ale strain is a flocculent, versatile, reliable house strain that produces neutral to complex and malty profiles in its fairly wide temperature range. Hop character is not muted by this strain. Bring out more esters in higher fermentation temperatures. It flocculates better than West Coast Ale I (OYL-004).

Flocculation: High
Attenuation: 73-76%
Temperature Range: 63-75° F (17–24° C)
Alcohol Tolerance: 10% ABV

Each Omega Yeast pack has over 150 BILLION yeast cells!

This strain is akin to Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale and White Labs WLP028 Edinburgh Scottish Ale.

This is a special order item, please allow an extra week for delivery. We ship our yeast out at the beginning of the week and include a cold pack during warm months to ensure freshness.

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