Mariachi Mexican Lager All-Grain Homebrewing Kit


A crisp amber lager with full malt flavor. Refreshing without compromising on taste. This beer pairs well with a lime wedge or mixed with tomato and spices for a delightful michelada! For crisp, true lager flavors ferment and store at cool temperatures (50-55°F and below).

Calculated Approximate:    O.G.: 1.053       F.G.: 1.012       ABV: 5.2%       IBU: 27        SRM: 16

This all-grain Mexican-style lager kit comes with your choice of liquid yeast. Choose which one you'd like to use from the list. Because it is a lager, we recommend either making a starter or purchasing a second yeast of W34/70 dry yeast, Wyeast 2124, or WLP940

Mariachi Mexican Lager All-Grain Homebrewing Recipe Sheet