Malt Shop Milkshake IPA Extract Kit


The Malt Shop Milkshake IPA is hoppy like an IPA but also features distinctive creaminess, like a milkshake! Rich smooth mouthfeel and juicy hop character provide the perfect background for your choice of fruit flavors! Fruit flavorings are not included in this kit, but we recommend adding either Strawberry, Peach, or Blackberry, but feel free to experiment with whatever you like!  For added full creamy flavor try adding vanilla, too.

Calculated Appx.:   O.G.: 1.067      F.G.: 1.023     ABV: 5.8%        IBU: 61       SRM: 5

This extract ale kit comes with yeast, select which one you'd like to use from the list above. If you're having the kit shipped, we recommend using the Safale S-04 dry yeast since it does not need refrigeration, otherwise the Wyeast 1318 London Ale III works great for this kit. The dry yeast will be more resilient through the shipping process, although we do include cold packs during warm months with our liquid yeast to help ensure freshness.

Malt Shop Milkshake IPA Extract Ale Kit Recipe Sheet