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Wyeast 4007 Malolactic Blend


Wyeast Laboratories, Inc. Malo-lactic Cultures are designed for direct inoculation of 6 gallons of wine.

Malo-lactic Culture packages contain a live liquid suspension of Oenococcus oenii grown in a sterile organic juice based nutrient medium. Malic acid reduction will balance and soften wine while enhancing flavor and aroma characteristics including vanilla and buttery notes. 4007 Blend (blend of ER1A and EY2d cultures) will provide rapid and complete malic acid reduction in wine over a broad spectrum of conditions. ER1A, an excellent choice for red wines, has been isolated for it's tolerance to low pH coditions. Ey2D has been selected for it tolerance to low cellar temperatures. Malo-lactic conversion is generally completed within 1-3 months.


The Malo-lactic Culture packages contain 125 ml of slurry. This provides the inoculation rate recommended by and for professional vintners for 6 gallons of wine. These cultures will convert malic acid to lactic acid over a broad temperature range (55-75°F). The Malo-lactic cultures will also perform over a broad spectrum of pH conditions. Inoculate wine that has completed or nearly completed alcoholic fermentation. Free SO2 levels should be less than 15 ppm.

Basic instructions for the proper use of Malo-lactic packages:

  1. Shake well and sanitize package.
  2. Open and pour into 6 gallons of wine or must that has completed or nearly completed alcoholic fermentation.
  3. Maintain fermentation or cellaring temperature between 55-75°F (13-24°C). Malo-lactic fermentation is generally complete within 1-3 months.

We ship our liquid cultures on Mondays and include a cold pack to ensure freshness.

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