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CBC-1 Cask and Bottle Conditioning Dry Yeast (Lallemand)


CBC-1 Cask and Bottle Conditioning dry yeast from Lallemand has been especially selected for it's refermentation properties and is recommended for cask and bottle conditioning.

This yeast can referment beers up to 12-14% ABV due to its high resistance to alcohol and pressure; it does not produce flavors therefore conserving the original character of the beer.

The yeast will settle and form a tight mat at the end of refermentation.

CBC-1 can also be used for primary fermentation and is especially suitable for Champagne-like beers and fruit beers.

CBC-1 will ferment and referment within a range of temperature of 15° to 25°C (59° to 77°F).

Perfect for polishing off those Tripels, Barleywines, and anything Imperial!