Kedge and Hawser All-Grain California Common


The California Common is one of the oldest styles to have originated in the United States. The use of lager yeast fermented at ale temp gives this beer the smoothness of a lager and the fruitiness of an ale.

Calculated Appx.:    O.G.: 1.047       F.G.: 1.015        ABV: 4.2%        IBU: 44       SRM: 12

Please Note: This recipe and these instructions assume a 5 gallon batch size with 70% efficiency for a standard homebrewing setup. You may want to tweak the numbers to fit your brewhouse.

The gravity, IBU, and SRM stats are approximations, so don't worry if you are a few points high or low.

Kedge and Hawser All-Grain Homebrew Recipe Sheet

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