Homebrew Kegging Kit


If you are looking to get into kegging, one of these kits are the perfect way to do it. All of these kits come with the following:
  • Dual guage regulator
  • 4 ft. 5/16" ID gas line
  • Threaded gas ball lock disconnect
  • 5/16" swivel nut and stem
  • Barbed liquid ball lock disconnect
  • 6' 3/16" ID beverage line
  • Plastic picnic-style serving faucet
  • Hose clamps
  • 5 gallon used ball-lock Cornelius keg
  • Beer Line Cleaner
  • Optional - 5 lb new CO2 tank

Once you have your kit, all you have to do is get your CO2 tank filled (click here to see where to get tanks filled in Madison), sanitize your keg, fill the keg up with beer, and start tapping your delicious homebrew!

And don't forget that we can help you out with any setup issues or questions you may have, just stop in, e-mail, or call us! And check out our knowledge base to find information on kegging and other homebrewing topics!