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High Temperature Silicone Tubing 1/2" 1 FT


Translucent, food-grade silicone tubing high temperature rated to 350F.

Our 1/2" ID high temperature silicone tubing is odorless, tasteless, with operating temperature of 280 degrees F and a maximum recommended temperature of 350 degrees F. The translucent natural color allows you to see the flow. This is the perfect tubing for building a personal brewery, especially for any time that the wort in contact with tubing will be above 180F.

This tubing is not designed to hold pressures above 20 psi. It works great with magnetic drive pumps, but we do not recommend it with an impeller pump or for use with household water pressure.

1/2" ID, 3/4" OD

30 PSI Burst at 70F

We also carry 3/8" ID high temperature silicone tubing.