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Helles Hath No Fury Munich Helles


This is the  iconic blonde lager that fills liter glasses with a thick head of white foam alongside a pretzel or some sauerkraut in Bavarian biergartens. In the Munich helles style, this kit makes the quintessential quaffing beer: smooth, malty, and refreshing.  

Note: The use of lager yeast requires a constant temperature of 50°F and below maintained throughout fermentation.

This kit comes with liquid yeast, select which you'd prefer above. Because this beer is a lager, it's not a bad idea to either purchase a second yeast pack or make a yeast starter.

Helles Hath No Fury German Blonde Lager Extract Kit Recipe Sheet

Here are the vital digits for this simple but tasty extract Helles recipe:

Calculated Appx.:    O.G.: 1.049       F.G.: 1.012        ABV: 4.8%        IBU: 12       SRM: 3