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Heavy Duty 6 Gallon Kettle


This heavy duty 6 gallon kettle is perfect for any of the following uses:

  • If you make batches that are smaller than 5 gallons
  • If you make 5 gallon partial mash batches
  • If you make 5 gallon extract batches
  • If you need a 6 gallon hot liquor tank
  • If you like to cook soup, chili, booyah, etc.!

This high quality brewing kettle has a tri-clad bottom, meaning that it the bottom layer is stainless steel, then there is a layer of aluminum, then a top layer of stainless steel again. This helps even out the heat, which helps avoid excessive scorching, which helps your beer taste better!

You may also want to consider drilling a hole in the bottom and installing a weldless spigot.