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Golden Bear Berliner Weisse - All Grain Kit


The Golden Bear Berliner Weisse is a simple beer to brew, but the taste is anything but simple. A nice balance of tartness, maltiness, and sourness, this beer can be one of the more refreshing types of beer to drink. So brew this beer and win your own Golden Bear!

Calculated Approximate:   O.G.: 1.042       F.G.: 1.010       ABV: 4.1%       IBU: 7        SRM: 3

This all-grain Berliner-weisse homebrew kit comes with liquid yeast. Select which you'd like to use. 

The Wyeast 3191-PC and WLP630 are seasonal yeast and may not always be available.

The WLP630 is a special order only yeast, so please allow an extra week for delivery.

Golden Bear Berliner Weisse Recipe Sheet

We ship items containing liquid yeast at the beginning of the week and include a cold pack during warm months to ensure freshness.