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Gestalt Alt Extract Kit


Our alt bier recipe produces a prelager style of German ale. It is a complex and malty beer, with a dense, rocky head during fermentation. If you have never had an Alt-style beer, you are in for a bready, malty treat! 

Now featuring a time-saving 30-minute boil!

Calculated Approximate:   O.G.: 1.050       F.G.: 1.013       ABV: 5.0%       IBU: 28        SRM: 5

This extract home brew kit comes with liquid yeast, select which you'd like to use above. We recommend Wyeast 1007. However if you're having the kit shipped, then we recommend the K-97 dry yeast since it will hold up better through the shipping process. We ship items containing liquid yeast at the beginning of the week and include a cold pack during warm months to ensure freshness.

Gestalt Alt Extract Recipe Sheet