FerMonster 3 Gallon Wide Mouth PET Plastic Carboy (Vintage Shop)


The FerMonster 3 gallon wide mouth plastic carboy is a must for any brewer or winemaker. It is made of solid PET plastic so it is light but will not let oxygen through, has a 4" opening at the top that makes for easy filling and cleaning, and has a grommeted screw-on lid for a great seal, so this carboy works great as a primary or a secondary fermenter. 

The FerMonster also features smooth sides that make it harder for residue to stick to and beveled bottom that mounds yeast around the side, making racking out of this fermenter even easier. 

You will want a #10 drilled rubber stopper and an airlock to complete this fermenter.

Easy to clean, easy to fill, easy to lift, what else can you ask for?

The FerMonster also comes in a 7 gallon size and 6 gallon size.