Barossa Valley Shiraz Wine Kit (Winexpert Private Reserve)


The Barossa Valley is Australia's quintessential wine region. Located in South Australia, Barossa Valley is one of Australia's oldest wine regions dating back to 1841. Aromas of robust blackberry, peppercorns and smoked meat. Full-bodied yet smooth with big, dark, peppery fruit and plush texture on the palate. Fermenting with some of the included grape skins adds color, tannin, and complexity.

While the Private Reserve (formerly Eclipse) series kits are more expensive, we feel that you will taste the difference. They come both from a specific region and with more concentrate, lending to more depth and complexity.

These kits come with everything you'll need to make a great wine, including the yeast, preservatives, clarifiers, and if called for, oak.

The Barossa Valley Shiraz wine concentrate kit makes 6 gallons (~30 750mL bottles) of delicious wine. 

Sweetness: Dry

Body: Full

Oak: Heavy

Alcohol: 14.5%

For freshness sake, we rotate which kits we keep in stock, which means we may not have this on in the store at all times. However, we can order it and it will just take an extra week or so for delivery.