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Herkules Pellet Hops 1 OZ (German)


Herkules is a newer German hop; bred from a cross between Hallertau Taurus and a Hull male, and released by the Hull Hop Research Center in 2005. Though Herkules offers a unique aroma of spicy, pine, and peppery notes, this varietal is most commonly used as a bittering agent in brews due to its high alpha content. 
With an alpha acid range of about 12% to 17%, this hop provides a strong bittering quality in German style Ales and Lagers. The combination of intense flavor and bittering makes Herkules hops a popular brewing ingredient.
When in need of a substitute, try parent Hallertau Taurus or Warrior® hops. Taste Herkules hops in a craft beer like Deschutes Brewery Hop Henge IPA.

Alpha Acid: 12 - 17%