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Bottle Filler for Use with 7/16" ID Tubing with Spring


This bottle filler device makes your bottling day so much easier! Used with 1/2" inner diameter siphon tubing, to fill bottles simply:

  • Sanitize everything, then start your siphon and put this bottle filler on the end of your siphon tubing that will go into the bottles.
  • Put the bottle filler in the bottle and push down, which will open the valve on the bottom of the filler.
  • Fill all the way to the top of the bottle and then lift up the filler. This will shut off the flow without losing your siphon.
  • When you remove the bottle filler from the bottle you are left with the prescribed head space. (You may have to adjust this for large bottles). 

It fills quickly, easily, and without oxidizing your wine or beer. How do you beat that?!