CO2 Regulator -- Two (Dual) Gauge w/ Check Valve

$79.99 $84.99

This double-gauged CO2 regulator is a great regulator for serving beer at home. One gauge displays how much CO2 you have left in your tank while the other gauge shows you at what pressure you are serving your kegs. Use the red dial to raise or lower the serving pressure. You can also lock the pressure in using the dial.

It even comes with a check valve, which you can use to open or close the flow of CO2, which is useful if you are transporting your tank or removing disconnects from the line, so you don't leak CO2. 

Comes with a 5/16" barb, perfect for use with 5/16" or 3/8" inner diameter gas line.

0-50 PSI, 60lb & 2000lb gauge

Note: The high pressure gauge does not read properly if the CO2 tank is kept in the refrigerator.