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Washington Riesling Wine Kit 8L (Winexpert Classic)


Descriptors:  Floral, green apple & lime.

ABV: 12%         BODY: Light           OAK: None         SWEETNESS: Off-dry

A distinctive floral and green apple aroma mixed with mineral elements from its Washington vineyard, giving it a brisk, "racy" quality. Its high natural level of acidity enables it to balance a hint of residual sugar, setting off aromas of rose petal, apple, pear, peach and apricot and leading to a grand crisp finish of flinty mineral notes.

These kits come with everything you'll need to make wine in 4 weeks, including the yeast, preservatives, clarifiers, and if called for, oak.

This Washington Riesling wine kit makes 6 gallons (~30 750ml bottles) of white wine.

Note: We rotate our stock of the Selection, World Vineyard, and Eclipse kits. We may not have all kits displayed here in stock at all times, but can get any of them. If a kit is not in stock, please allow for an extra week or so for delivery.