Choose Your Own Funkventure Sour Ale - All Grain


You stand at a crossroads with three paths in front of you. Do you choose the trail of light groove? Do you go the route of medium sour vibe? Or do you go down the road of pure funk? This kit gives you the option to make a delicious sour pale ale of your choosing. There’s treasure at the end of every fermentation!

Calculated Approximate:    O.G.: 1.052       F.G.: 1.011       ABV: 5.3%       IBU: 32       SRM: 6

This all-grain ale kit comes with option of three different sour blends of yeast and bacteria. Please use the selection list to pick which you'd like to use. 

OYL-210: Where da Funk? - This blend produces huge tropical fruit aromas during fermentation that fade somewhat during conditioning. The blend pairs well with fruity aroma hops to make a unique pale ale. Ready in 3 weeks or so.

OYL-211: Bit o’ Funk - Develops moderate “funk” during a secondary fermentation. The “bit ‘o funkiness” will take extended time (3+ months) to develop.

OYL-212: Bring On Da Funk - Creates a funky, fruity and complex brew. Brett character will develop over time. Acid production will increase over time given exposure to oxygen. 6+ months are ideal for this version to fully develop.