Chit Malt 55 LB Sack (German - Best Malz)


Chit malt is an undermodified barley malt characterized by a very high level of high-molecular protein compared to a Pilsen malt, making it more suitable for compensating strongly dissolved malts and improving the foam quality and head retention. The malt has a particularly high level of inherent starter enzymes, which contribute significantly to improving the conversion of starch, thus increasing the yield. 

Use as up to 15% of grist.

Good for use in Hazy IPA's and Grisette brews, and for all beer styles to optimize foam stability.

1.2-1.6 Lovibond

This is a 55 lb sack of German Chit malt. We also sell German Chit malt in 1 oz increments.  

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