Chillus Convolutus Counterflow Wort Chiller


One of our favorite counterflow wort chillers, the Chillus Convolutus Counterflow Wort Chiller can cool your wort down very quickly. 
The inner tube is made from 12' of 5/8" convoluted (twisted) copper which continually turbulates the wort as it flows through the chiller. The outer tube is made from 7/8" copper. The Convolutus chiller allows you to pump wort through without having to restrict your pump to slow down flow. Use 1/2" line to connect to wort in and out feeds. The water connections are male and female 3/4" hose connections.
10 1/4" height by 11" overall diameter (coils themselves are about 6" in diameter).
Note: We recommend that you use a pump in conjunction with this wort chiller.