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Caramel Rye Malt 50 Lb (US - Briess)


The caramel/crystal rye undergoes the same malting procedure as any other caramel malt. The roasting of this grain develops a subtle sweetness that complements the spicy character of rye. The result is a uniquely subtle yet complex rye malt that is slightly sweet and smooth, with touches of caramel and bread crust flavors. A malt that can be used in many beer styles, it contributes burnt orange and brown hues.

60 Lovibond.

Sold here in a 50 lb grain sack, we also sell Caramel Rye malt in 1 oz increments. This is a special order item so please allow extra time for delivery.

Briess is a respected maltster located right here in Wisconsin!

Also, if you do a lot of all-grain brewing, check out our grain card. $80 for 50 pounds of grain, what a deal!