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Munich Liquid Malt Extract (LME) 3.3 LB Canister (Briess)


Munich liquid malt extract (LME) is a great base for rich, dark, malty beers, such as Munich Dunkels and Bocks. Munich LME also is a great additive when you want to pump up the maltiness in a beer, such as in a stout or a pale ale. 

Made with base malt, Munich malt, and a small percentage of caramel malt, 1 3.3 lb canister of Munich LME is a great place to start for 2.5 gallon batches (Mr. Beer). 2 canisters will give a starting gravity of approximately 1.046 for 5 gallon batches of homebrew.

Briess is a highly regarded malting company from right here in Wisconsin. 

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