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Blichmann QuickConnector Fittings


These Blichmann QuickConnector fittings are great for brewing because they give you a great seal, are easy to put on and take off, and are easy to repair if necessary. This fitting set consists of stainless steel threads and barbs, a high-temperature silicone grips, and a silicone o-ring, which gives your connection a fantastic seal. The threads on the nut are 1/2" female NPT.

Select one of the five available versions above:

  • 3/8" straight barb
  • 1/2" straight barb
  • 1/4" MFL (Flare)
  • 3/8" elbow barb
  • 1/2" elbow barb


Replacement nuts and o-rings are available separately.

We may not always have every variety in stock. We will contact you if you order a fitting that is not in stock in the Shop (it usually takes about a week to get them in).