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Blichmann BrewEasy Electric Turnkey System


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These systems are customizable and special order only. Please click here to contact us for current availability and pricing. Thank you!

The Blichmann BrewEasy electric turnkey kit is a revolutionary new ultra-compact and economical all grain brewing system. This patent pending system and process utilizes a two kettle re-circulation infusion mash system called the Kettle-RIMS or K-RIMS process for short. This system is very simple to use and is a very approachable way to transition from extract brewing into all grain brewing. By eliminating the sparging process we not only eliminate that time consuming process (about an hour) but it simplifies the process. The BrewEasy provides all the simplicity of a brew-in-a-bag (BIAB) system, but offers the ramping capability of a traditional RIMS system, eliminates the messy and unsafe lifting of hot grains, and provides wort clarification that BIAB just can't do. Be sure to read through our manual (see the manual link below) to get all the details of the BrewEasy to see why this system may be the ticket for you! Efficient, fast, and lets you BrewEasy!

Already a Blichmann Engineering BoilerMaker owner? Awesome! This product is modular in nature so you only buy what you need! 

How does it all work? This two kettle system eliminates the hot liquor tank of a traditional three tier system and does away with the time consuming and somewhat complicated sparging process. While a three tier system is still the most versitile and efficient, the BrewEasy offers significantly more efficiency than a BIAB system, eliminates the lifting, and generates super clear wort. How is this accomplished? Simply start with ALL of your brewing water (liquor) for your brew day and place about half in the lower pot (boil kettle) and the remainder in the upper pot (mash tun). Set your AutoSparge, turn on the pump and add heat. The liquor will recirculate from the boil kettle, into the mash tun, and back into the boil kettle. When you're at the desired temperature turn off the pump and add your malt. Ramping through several temperature rests is as easy as turning on the burner! When you're through your mash simply turn off the pump and let all the wort from your mash tun drain into your brew kettle and boil as normal. It's as simple as that! Looking for automation? Add in the TOWER of POWER control system and convenient TOWER LTE stand!

Check out the Blichmann BrewEasy user's manual.

Please use the pick lists to select which size, voltage, and version (Full or LTE) you would like. 

Full or LTE?:  Blichmann Engineeringtm offers two versions of the popular TOWER of POWERtm controller stand. The towers support your controller and support your pump, power, plumbing, optional chiller, and other equipment on a convenient pre-packaged stand. The TOWER LTE is a compact stand for space restricted users at a lower price point. It can be collapsed for compact storage in pots 20 gal and larger. Standard features are a build in GFCI receptacle, pump switch, custom sensor mounting fitting, pump throttling valve, pump mounting provisions, and an optional Therminator wort chiller and mounting bracket available. Extended height is 32”.

The Full tower offers in addition a visual flow meter, stuck mash alarm, wort sampling port, and a convenient 44” working height.


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