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Blichmann Beer Gun (New version)


Blichmann has created a New BeerGun® bottle filler! More ergonomic, faster and easier to clean, and even more intuitive! 

The Blichmann Beer Gun is the best tool that we've found to bottle beer directly from kegs. This allows you to age and carbonate your beer in corny kegs and then bottle part or all of your batch in either bottles or growlers easily without losing carbonation or oxidizing your delicious beer.

What's new?
  • Accessory Kit now included as standard item
  • Ergonomic warm-touch grip with ambidextrous thumb actuated CO2 valve
  • Positively retained beer seal tip - no more lost tips! 
  • Anti-microbial beer hose keeps contamination at bay!
  • Includes a convenient plastic tool case
  • Tool free super fast disassembly