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Blichmann AutoSparge


Have you longed for a sparging system with a "set-it-and-forget-it" design? The elegantly simple construction of Blichmann Engineering's AutoSparge™ automatically sets the hot liquor flow rate and liquid level in your mash / lauter tun. As you change the sparge rate into your boil kettle, the AutoSparge™ automatically responds by increasing or decreasing hot liquor flow to compensate and keeps a constant level in your tun.

Newly redesigned - 100% stainless steel, improved o-ring mounting and 1/2" NPT thread.

The AutoSparge™ is an awesome accessory for RIMS systems, and it also works great with gravity systems or with pumps! Wort gently rotates on top of the grain bed to reduce channeling and oxygen pick-up, and to increase extraction efficiency. With a constant hot liquor level over your grain bed, complicated rotating sparge arms are unnecessary complications!

  • Stainless steel float ball rod and body!
  • Includes 18" silicone hose and stainless steel hose float ball.
  • Fits any pot larger than 12" in diameter, including converted kegs.
  • Comes standard with 6" float rod.  9" and 12" rods available separately for increasing range of motion. Minimum pot diameter for longer rods is 15" and 18" respectively.
  • Adaptable to coolers.
The AutoSparge works very well in Blichmann's BoilerMaker kettles. You can even have them pre-punch a hole in a BoilerMaker for you!