Beer Faucet with Corny Disconnect Assembly

$36.99 $38.95

Looking to serve a keg at a party, tailgate, or just at your house? This faucet assembly is the perfect tool!

Just chill the keg, carbonate it to the proper level, set your PSI to low (something around 2-3 PSI), snap on this faucet assembly, and serve your delicious homebrew!

It comes with the following parts:

  • Forward sealing beer faucet that won't stick and can turn into a stout faucet
  • Plastic faucet handle
  • Corny ball lock liquid disconnect with mfl threading
  • Faucet adapter to attach the faucet to the disconnect
  • Coupling nut to fasten faucet to the adapter

Save a couple bucks on buying everything separately!