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Adopt-a-Hop IIPA Extract Kit


Have a great beer and help an animal in need! For every Adopt-a-Hop IIPA kit we sell, we will donate $5 to the Dane County Humane Society.

Our locally hopped IIPA takes full advantage of the high quality Wisconsin’s Tenacious Badger Brewer’s Gold and Sterling hops. With black currant flavors and citrus aromas and a high but not harsh bitterness, Adopt-a-Hop’s hop character will be at the forefront, but not dominate, the balancing maltiness of this beer. Think of it as more of a British-style Imperial IPA.

Enjoy this beer knowing that you’re helping out a furry little friend in need. For information about adopting or volunteering through the Dane County Humane Society, visit Cheers from the Wine and Hop Shop and the DCHS!

Calculated Appx.:    O.G.: 1.072      F.G.: 1.019        ABV:7%        IBU: 57       SRM: 5

This extract ale kit comes with yeast, select above which you'd like to use. And because this is a high gravity beer, we recommend either making a yeast starter or purchasing a second yeast pack. However, the dry yeast (S-04) will be more resilient through the shipping process, although we do include cold packs during warm months with our liquid yeast to help ensure freshness.


Adopt-a-Hop IIPA Recipe Sheet