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-6 GMT IPA - All Grain Kit


-6 GMT IPA, our Locally Hopped IPA takes full advantage of the spicy Wisconsin grown Gorst Valley Hops to support the toasty, rich malt flavors in this full-bodied IPA. Made to be warming enough for the cooler months it should also finish crisp enough for easy drink when the weather gets warmer.

Calculated Appx.:    O.G.: 1.053       F.G.: 1.015        ABV: 5.2%        IBU: 55       SRM: 13

This was our November 2013 Kit of the Month.

This all-grain ale kit comes with yeast, select which you'd like to use using the selection list above. While using liquid yeast is usually recommended (in this case, the Wyeast 1056), if you are looking for something a little more inexpensive, if it is a gift, or if it is being shipped, the US-05 dry yeast works quite well for this kit. The dry yeast (US-05) will be more resilient through the shipping process, although we do include cold packs during warm months with our liquid yeast to help ensure freshness. 

-6 GMT IPA All Grain Kit Recipe Sheet

We ship out items with liquid yeast at the beginning of the week and include a cold pack during warm months to ensure freshness.