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1 Gallon Flight Simcoelator Imperial IPA Kit


Have you ever wanted to fly a plane but didn’t have enough money to buy one? Wanted to try a taste-bud blasting, palate-wreaking Imperial IPA, but didn’t have enough money to buy a 12-pack? Then the Flight Simcoelater IIPA is for you!

The Flight Simcoelator is everything that you would want in an Imperial India Pale Ale. The extra light dme and 2-Row Brewer’s malt combine to form the backbone. The Caramel, Munich, and Aromatic malts add a malty flavor and aroma. The corn sugar adds alcohol and keeps the beer from getting too thick or sweet. The yeast finishes clean to allow the malt and hops to shine through. Especially the hops. The Simcoe and Falconer’s Flight 7C’s hops impart a strong bitterness and citrus, floral, and piney flavors and aromas that really make an IIPA so highly sought after.

Calculated Appx.: O.G.: 1.083 F.G.: 1.016 ABV: 8.8 % IBU: 100 SRM: 9

Flight Simcoelator Imperial IPA 1 Gallon Partial Mash Homebrewing Recipe Sheet