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Temperature Controller, Digital, Not Wired (Ranco)


Now you can precisely control the temperature of your fermentation or the temperature of your mash.

To control ferment temperatures you can place the temperature probe inside the space that is being cooled or heated (often a refrigerator) or you can place the probe directly into the ferment using a thermowell stopper. You can change from cooling to heating mode directly from the digital control panel. When in cooling mode, and hooked up to a refrigerator or other cooling device, the controller turns the compressor on when the ambient temperature rises above your set point. When in heating mode and hooked up to a heating element, FermWrap heater, or a light-bulb, the controller turns on the heater when the temperature drops below your set point.

A FermWrap or Brew Belt heater around a fermenter or inside a unplugged refrigerator can be the ideal solution for those cold winter ferments.

The unit features an adjustable differential down to within one degree in both heating and cooling modes. This means you can precisely control an environment to within one degree of your set point.

The included sensor probe monitors the temperature while the digital readout displays it in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. The sensor probe is 1/4 in diameter and works well with thermowell stoppers and couplers.

Temperature Range of -30 to 220F.

This is the same temperature controller as our wired Ranco temperature controller, only you need to do some wiring. Do it yourself, save some money!