All-Grain Homebrewing Class


Want to learn more about all-grain brewing? The Wine and Hop Shop's classes can be the perfect place to learn!

Lasting three to four hours, our all-grain class covers everything that goes into the brewing process, from mashing to boiling to fermenting. We'll discuss what you do, how you do it, why you do it, the chemistry behind the brewing, and you'll even get to sample some tasty homebrew.

You even get a $5 gift certificate for the Shop. How do you beat that? By saving $10 when you sign up 2 people for a class!

And don't forget that classes make a great gift idea.

Sunday, March 1st @ 11 am @ the Wine and Hop Shop. $30/person ($50 for 2), includes gift card for the Shop. 

When you order a class, please select how many attendees from above. We will then e-mail you the location of the class. Then just print out your order confirmation and we'll see you at class!

Ask us about private classes for larger groups!