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Working Draft Beer Company

Did you know you can place an order for the Wine and Hop Shop and pick the order up for free Friday afternoons at Working Draft Beer Company? Well you can! 

Working Draft, is a brewery/taproom at 1129 E. Wilson Street, right across from McPike Park on the near east-side of Madison.

You'll see some familiar faces from the Shop at WDBC: Clint is WDBC's head brewer and Ben is a co-founder. Other Wine and Hoppers who have contributed to Working Draft at some point or another include current Wine and Hop Shop All-Star Charley and past employees Aaron, Tom, and Ryan.

And while you're there picking up your stuff, have yourself one of the best pints you'll find. Outside of your own home, that is :)

See you at Working Draft!

Wine and Hop Shop and Working Draft Beer Company